About Us

Neubyrne Raison D’être

Designer Martha began Neubyrne in 2015 as a hat company based in Richmond, VA. Fast-forward to 2016, Neubyrne relocated to Singapore and evolved into a lifestyle brand including clothing, shoes, and jewelry evocative of bright places and spaces. Through her travels, Martha connected with a production company in Vietnam that was just the platform she envisioned to merge fashion with giving back; the cornerstone that Neubyrne was founded upon.

At Neubyrne, we change it all up. We are here to bring bright and bold designs inspired by world travel from the runway to your doorstep. We hope to inspire others to reinvent themselves and embrace change…whatever that change may be.

Neubyrne launched at New York Fashion Week showcasing their Spring/Summer 2018 collection proving that vivid bold color and the label are here to stay.